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Experts in managing and replacing what powers your boat.



Short battery life and dead batteries are a real nightmare for boat owners and getting professional installation when replacing could be a life saver.


Battery problems occur for different reasons, mostly because of:

  • poor quality of batteries

  • poor maintenance

  • inadequate battery power

  • wrongly estimated power usage

  • mixing battery types

  • faulty charging systems

  • faulty installation

When your boat batteries are professionally installed and maintained, it is not uncommon to get 5, 6 or even 7 years of good service. 

Battery replacement is just not a matter of switching them over. There are several steps your technician will follow including:

  • Ensuring the batteries will be kept clean, cool, and dry. (moisture & electricity do not mix)

  • Ensuring they are properly fixed and cannot move in rough waters.

  • Testing input and output to ensure correct voltage

  • Running under sea conditions for several hours to ensure correct function